Welcome To!

I am Chenwu Jiang. If you are a native English speaker, you can call me Violet for convenience. I am a visual designer currently based in Washington D.C.

Photo with my passed grandpa, hope he rests well in heaven
Photo with my passed grandpa, hope he rests well in heaven

Born as  a Chinese girl in the city of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, I had spent my childhood and youth in mainland China. In spite of that, I had tripped to many parts of China, South Korea and Western Europe. I got a B.A. from Soochow University in China, soon after which, I moved to DC to continue my pursuit of career and finished my M.A. in International Media at American University.

My undergraduate study focused on cross-cultural education and linguistics, but I have short work experience in variable industries including journalism, reality show production and public relation.

The passion for design always accompanies my career path. I’ve worked and played with graphic design for over 6 years. My works range from print and web. And my next step is motion graphic.  I regard myself as a visual designer who can provide the best integration of image and content, especially for today’s media.

Here, all you see are my original works. So if you would like to use some pieces, I’m pretty glad and honored, but please contact me first and give me credits if it’s going to be published.

I am also an animal lover, puppy fan. My favorite puppy is corgi. I wish I can become a happy mom for my pretty cute corgi in the future.

Last but not least, wish my passed grandpa see this and give me blessing.



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